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Perfumes the spring air


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  • Hyacinthus Varieties

    Jumbo Mixed Hyacinths

    15 for $24.99
  • Hyacinthoides hispanica mix

    Wood Hyacinths Mixed

    25 for $9.99
  • Hyacinthus 'Carnegie', Hyacinthus 'Blue Trophy', Anemone Blanda 'White Splendour', Anemone Blanda 'Blue Shades'
  • Hyacinthus orientalis 'Top Hit'

    Top Hit Hyacinth

    3 for $14.99 $12.99
Hyacinth bulbs produce beautiful and unique flower stems loaded with wonderfully fragrant florets in mid spring. Hyacinth flowers' bold mix of colors is ideal for beds and borders or near a window to enjoy the incredible fragrance. Easy to grow, Hyacinthus plants come back year after year, delivering stunning flowers that are closely packed with tiny star-shaped blooms.
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