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Hybrid Tea Roses

Perfect for cut flower arrangements.

Hybrid Tea Roses

With their picture-perfect rose flower form and a broad color palette, our Hybrid Tea roses are perfect for varied garden locations - from formal rose gardens to narrow borders, and virtually everyplace else! You'll find some of the most dramatic and aromatic Hybrid Tea roses in our lineup, along with some distinctive and less common varieties.

How To Grow & Care for Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are bred for easy care-with a good planting location and regular pruning, they can flourish for decades. Site your hybrid tea roses in a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight per day, with good drainage. The path to success starts with good planting. To plant your hybrid tea roses:

  • Remove the packing around the root and let them soak a minimum of two hours, but no more than 24 hours in a bucket of water.
  • Dig a large enough and deep enough to fit the roots of your Hybrid Tea rose. There should be enough room for the roots to spread.
  • Make a cone-shaped mound in the hole and drape the roots over the mound. Finish by adding soil and water around the roots in stages to avoid any air pockets.
  • For warmer climates, those that rarely reach zero degrees, keep the bud union level with the soil. In colder regions, the bud union should be buried two inches below the ground level.

After planting, keep your roses well-watered during the growing season, providing at least one deep watering every week. Water your hybrid tea roses at the base, without soaking the petals or leaves. Monthly feedings with rose food or fertilizer can be beneficial. After blooming, deadhead your plants to keep them tidy.

How Much Water Does a Hybrid Tea Rose Plant Need?

Like most garden plants, Hybrid Tea roses need from one to two inches of water each week, which, depending upon your climate, may require weekly or biweekly supplemental watering. Locations with warmer climates and sandy soils will require a more frequent watering routine. A good rule of thumb to follow with watering Hybrid Tea roses is to water when you notice that the top three inches of soil are becoming dry.

Make sure to water the soil only and not the leaves to prevent your Hybrid rose plants from developing mildew or scale. Water the soil around the base deeply to encourage root growth-if only the top couple of inches receive water, your hybrid tea rose will develop shallow roots. Keep in mind that roses grown in planters or pots will need more frequent watering than roses grown in-ground.

How to Prune Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are easy to care for, pruning will definitely be the highest-maintenance part of the process. Luckily, pruning hybrid tea roses is simple. Be sure to have the right tools on hand and clean-loppers for thick branches, and a pair of hand pruners for smaller cuts.

Start by removing any dead, diseased, or damaged stems early in the spring. Make sure to remove any thin canes, or suckers, that are less than a half-inch thick. To shape your rose bush, trim the remaining canes by no more than a third of their length. Make your cuts at a 45-degree angle, to avoid water pooling on open cuts. Roses can handle pruning well. Hybrid tea roses bloom on new wood, meaning that you can prune freely and still receive plenty of flowers in the same season.

What is the most fragrant hybrid tea rose?

Hybrid tea roses are incredibly fragrant, and climate, growing culture, and location can increase their beautiful perfume. Keep your roses well hydrated for maximum fragrance. Nearly all tea roses have the classic, sweet fragrance associated with rose bouquets, but a few really stand out as the best of the fragrant roses.

  • Mr. Lincoln is often described as the most fragrant red hybrid tea rose, and is a classic for its form and shape.
  • Heavenly Scented Hybrid Tea Rose is named for its amazing, lasting fragrance, which suits its sweet pink petals.
  • For a stunning magenta hybrid tea rose with unstoppable fragrance, check out Miss All-American Beauty. Not only does this rose offer an exceptional perfume, it's perfectly pointed petals are beyond vase-worthy.

What is the difference between a tea rose and a hybrid tea rose?

Simply put, hybrid tea roses are tea roses, hybridized over generations to diversify their genetics. Heirloom roses, or old garden tea roses, come from purebred cultivars started before the mid-1800s. The "new" roses that we consider modern tea roses were first developed in 1860s France. In general, hybrid tea roses were created by breeding old fashioned tea roses and a species known as Hybrid Perpetuals. Thus, hybrid tea roses offer longer bloom times and repeat blooms, while old-fashioned roses typically offer only one bloom period per season. Hybrid tea roses have continually evolved, thanks to new and innovative breeding, and are now quite easy to grow.

Are hybrid tea roses easy to grow?

While roses have a reputation for being finicky, modern hybrid tea roses aren't difficult to grow, with the proper care and attention. Hybrid tea roses are incredibly robust, with long bloom times, large flowers, and extremely easy care. Planting is simple, and, with good soil, plenty of sunlight, and adequate water, your hybrid teas will quickly take root and flourish. After they're established, hybrid tea roses do need regular watering and appropriate pruning.

What are the most popular hybrid tea roses?

Hybrid tea roses have been beloved by growers for the better part of two centuries. Your favorite variety may be brand-new or may have been in the family for generations. Regardless, gardeners love a rainbow of popular hybrid tea roses. Some of our buyers' favorites include:

  • Midas Touch, a golden-yellow variety that adds its sunny disposition to any garden.
  • Chantilly Cream, a yellow-cream rose with an exceptionally smooth texture and large, colorfast blooms.
  • Chicago Peace, a gorgeous double-bloomer shining in shades of canary-yellow tipped by begonia-pink.
  • The original Peace Rose, a peachy-cream rose tipped in lipstick pink and sunset gold, and a favorite since 1946.
  • Chrysler Imperial, a red hybrid tea rose that lives up to its namesake's status as an all-American classic.

Do hybrid roses come back every year?

Hybrid tea roses do come back year after year-in fact, hybrid teas have been known to last for decades when well-cared-for. Hybrid tea roses bloom on new wood, meaning that you can prune them back in spring or fall, and they'll still grow buds and flower in the same season. Hybrid tea roses are among the most reliable performers in the rose garden.

With their picture-perfect flower form and a broad color palette, our Hybrid Tea roses are perfect for varied garden locations - from formal rose gardens to narrow borders, and virtually everyplace else! You'll find some of the most dramatic and aromatic Hybrid Tea roses in our assortment, along with some distinctive and less common varieties. If you are not sure which rose to pick, check out our choice jumbo hybrid tea rose and receive a jumbo bare root rose of our choosing.

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