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Jumbo Roses

Jumbo Roses Jumbo Roses

Big news, rose lovers--this season, even more of our roses are available in a Jumbo bareroot size. Jumbo roses will jumpstart your garden with 50% more flowers than standard size plantings the first year. And since every Spring Hill rose is a reblooming variety, you'll be blessed with iconic, colorful flowers from late spring to fall.

Spring Hill Nurseries is pleased to offer a brand new grade of bareroot rose, larger and more robust than any we've seen anywhere – Jumbo Roses. Jumbo Roses are field grown to 2-3 times the size of a #1 bareroot rose. They have more canes, and produce more flowers the first year than you ever thought possible. A typical first grade rose has a minimum of 3 canes, 9/16" in caliper; with Jumbo Roses, you'll receive a bulky plant with an average of 6-9 "flower ready" canes – a visible difference. You can see the difference before they're even planted, but experiencing the result is what makes this new rose grade so special. These roses are professionally trimmed to optimize the first flush of growth, manifesting the very best flower development. Expect up to 50% the flowers you would normally get on a #1 rose. Whether you're replacing an older rose or simply impatient for the maximum flower power you can get the first year planted, Jumbo Roses will provide more blooms than any bare root or container rose you can buy. You won't find these in garden centers or anywhere else in the rose market. Jumbo roses are truly a different way to enjoy the reliable summer color you love – this season. Click here to view our Jumbo Rose pruning recommendations.
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