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Non-Vining Clematis

Reblooming clematis in a variety of colors and forms

Non-Vining Clematis
Clematis that do not climb include very early perennial bloomers bred from native North American species, Asian species and later-blooming hybrids of heracleifolia, integrifolia or diversifolia. The plants range from tiny, front-of-border specimens to larger, sprawling plants that flower for an extended period. All the plants in this category can be treated as "come again," producing flowers 6 to 7 weeks after being cut hard any time up to midsummer. A rainbow of colors and a variety of forms-- most blooming from attractive nodding buds--make this a Clematis category of prime interest to garden designers and collectors.

Not all Clematis are pruned the same way--see our EZ Pruning Guide.
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