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  • Pollinator Attracting Hedges
  • Pollinator Attracting Hedges

    Shrubs can be a great way to lure pollinators like bees, butterflies and birds, to your garden—and they enhance your garden in other ways too. They give gardens structure, provide habitat for wildlife and beautify gardens with their foliage and flowers. Spring Hill offers some of the best shrubs for attracting pollinators—and growing a hedge that attracts pollinators is easy with our Ready, Set, Hedge!™ shrubs. Grown in the sandy, nutrient-rich soils of Holland, Michigan, these shrubs are unlike the potted, root-bound shrubs you often find in retail stores. Ready, Set, Hedge!™ shrubs have healthy, big root systems with lots of fine root hairs. This allows them to take up nutrients quickly, establish themselves and give your garden a more mature look.

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