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Romantic and fragrant favorites.


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  • Rosa cv. 'WEKvossutono', Pat. #18,473
  • Rosa cv. 'WEKmoridahor', PPAF
  • Rosa cv. 'WEKsurdicla', PPAF
  • Rosa cv. 'WEKsusacofloc', PPAF
  • Monet Arch

    Monet Arch

    1 for $79.99
  • Rosa cv. 'Radtko' Pat. #16,202
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  • Fleur-De-Lis Arch

    Fleur-De-Lis Arch

    1 for $179.00
  • Rosa x 'Radcon' PP15070
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    Knockout Pink Rose

    1 for $34.99
  • Rosa x 'KORsixkono' PP23548
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  • Bagatelle Arch

    Bagatelle Arch

    1 for $199.00
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  • Rosa cv. 'CHEWesic', PPAF

    Above All™ Climbing Rose

    1 for $14.99
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  • The Pill for Roses

    The Pill for Roses

    20 for $7.99
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If you liked grandma's roses, you'll love modern hybrid roses which blend nostalgia and performance. These newer roses have qualities like improved disease resistance, growth habit, bloom time, color and flower size. Roses are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and often fragranced, which makes for a full sensory experience. When adding roses to your garden, consider growth habit, hardiness zone, bloom times, disease resistance, stem length as well as your personal style. Roses do well both in the ground and in containers, making for landscape design flexibility. Their broad range of colors, sizes, shapes and forms allow you to find just the ideal variety to complement other plants in your garden. You may wish to plant a mass of one color, blend different colors through your spaces, or incorporate them in mixed perennial beds.
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