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The next generation of unique, easy-care plants.


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  • Opens a dialog Blown Glass Watering Stones Blown Glass Watering Stones

    Blown Glass Watering Stones

    1 for Price$19.99
  • Opens a dialog Featherock Double Featherock Double

    Featherock Double

    1 for Price$24.99
  • Opens a dialog T. baileyi, T. tenuifolia 'Emerald Forest', T. bulbosa Gigante Classic Tillandsia Collection
  • Opens a dialog Featherock Single Featherock Single

    Featherock Single

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    1 for Old Price$49.99 Price$39.99
  • Opens a dialog Aluminum Orb Aluminum Orb

    Aluminum Orb

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  • Opens a dialog 10-Inch Steel Wreath 10-Inch Steel Wreath

    10-Inch Steel Wreath

    1 for Price$39.99
  • Opens a dialog T. brachycaulos, T. straminea, T. bergeri Caulescent Form
    Deluxe Tillandsia Collection

    Deluxe Tillandsia Collection

    3 for Price$34.99
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  • Opens a dialog T. exserta, T. concolor, T. bulbosa Gigante (large)
    Premium Tillandsia Collection

    Premium Tillandsia Collection

    3 for Price$49.99
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Among the most unique creations in the floral world, tillandsias are the next generation of unique, easy-care plants. Also called "air plants", tillandsias thrive in any well-lit area without any soil, as they absorb water and nutrients through their leaves. And because of the variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and forms, tillandsias have become gardeners' newest must-have plant in both the garden and home décor.

Tillandsias can tolerate temperatures close to freezing, and as long as they have access to sufficient water, will thrive in high heat. They will also produce brilliant blooms that attract hummingbirds and often exhibit lovely fragrances.

Spring Hill's tillandsia collections represent 35 years of hybridization and are produced in the USA. Try hanging them, attaching them to driftwood, or displaying them in one of our unique tillandsia display pieces.

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