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How to Grow and Care for Phlox Video

Creeping phlox is a stunning ground cover that adds color and beauty to your garden while checking weed growth and repelling pests. Join our gardening expert as he offers tips on growing and caring for creeping phlox plants. You'll learn of the varied garden uses of phlox and information on keeping them healthy and attractive for years.


Hi everyone, welcome to step-by-step gardening here at beautiful Spring Hill Nursery in Tipp City Ohio. I'm your host Scott and we're talking about creeping phlox today. This is a beautiful spring time bloomer. This is a ground cover that grows about four inches or so tall and spreads twelve to fourteen inches. It forms a dense mat, as you can see, chokes out weeds and is pest free and just a really reliable bloomer. Phlox come in a variety of colors - white, lavender, pink, and it blooms reliably every year for about two to three weeks in mid to late spring. Here, we've planted it en masse but it's really nice for some of those edges along borders, between stepping stones, perhaps on rock ledge. You can use it just about anywhere you need to fill with color. See this nice dense mat? Phlox is a great ground cover, and my tip for you for keeping it looking fresh year after year is after it starts getting long and bedraggled, in the summer time, after the blooms fade, take an inch off the entire plant. Don't worry, you're not hurting the plant. You're going to make it come back the following season bushier and more full and you're going to get better blooms. Creeping Phlox, a great ground cover and a nice spring time bloomer. For step-by-step gardening, I'm Scott.

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