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How to Plant Your Hydrangea

As with any other plant, picking a location to plant your hydrangea is the first step. An area that has a combination of sunlight and partial shade works best for this plant—think sun in the morning, shade in the afternoon. You’ll also want to choose a location large enough for the plant to grow to its full size without having to prune it.

Once you decide on a proper location, plant your hydrangea in early summer or fall. It’s recommended you plant in moderately warm temperatures, as hydrangeas planted in early spring when frost is still a possibility, or in midsummer when it’s entirely too hot, fail to grow proper blooms.

Next, dig a hole. Sounds simple, but make sure it’s twice as big as the plant’s bulb. Break up the soil a bit before you plant to promote better root growth. After you place the plant in the hole, add some mulch. Make sure it gets plenty of water from then on, and start enjoying this wonderful plant.

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