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Amelanchier Smokey

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Amelanchier Smokey Amelanchier Smokey

Amelanchier Smokey

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Product Description

Extremely hardy and not troubled by most pests or diseases, Smokey can be used to make a very resilient edible hedge row. A larger fruited selection of our native Serviceberry. Delicious eaten raw, baked, jams, or jellies. It isn't a blueberry, but it looks and tastes similar to one, with a unique flavor combination of blueberry mixed with strawberry, and a hint of almond. Smokey forms a thicket-forming shrub produces juicy, purple fruit in the summer. A highly attractive food for Cedar Waxwings that follow serviceberries northward as the serviceberries become ripe. Extremely hardy, to zone 2, yet still does well is zones 2-8. Mature at 8-10 feet. Self-fertile. Bright red fall color. Harvest in June/July when the fruit is dark blue or purple, if you pick when the fruit is still red, you'll probably wish you hadn't!

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