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Atlantis™ Sedum

Award–winning stonecrop
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Atlantis™ Sedum Atlantis™ Sedum

Atlantis™ Sedum

Award–winning stonecrop
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  • Atlantis ™ Sedum PP27454
  • Fall
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  • Atlantis™ Sedum
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  • Thrives in any well–drained spot
  • Low–maintenance groundcover
  • Takes on rosy hues in fall

Product Description

Sedum is a plant you'll want to grow for the foliage, and that's never been more true than with Atlantis™ Sedum. The chunky, bold variegation gets even more eye–catching in fall, when it takes on a slight rosy blush. The little yellow flowers that crop up in early summer are pretty subtle, but the butterflies and other pollinators it brings fluttering around your garden are a lovely sight. We suggest growing Atlantis in a pretty pot on your patio table or dressing up your rock garden with it. Then, in a few years, you can divide and spread it further to create continuity in your landscape. Another route you could go down—since it's very low maintenance and the variegation looks so spectacular en masse—is to use Atlantis as a groundcover, which will get more and more impressive as it spreads in the coming years. And we mean it when we say low maintenance; this is a strong choice for a busy gardener. Rabbits and deer are not huge fans of sedum. Atlantis handles salt, drought and poor soil with ease, and it grows in anything from clay to dry soil, so long as it gets good drainage. Sedum kamtschaticum 'Nonsitnal' PP27454

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