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Bird Grub®

Year-round energy and protein!
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Bird Grub®

Year-round energy and protein!
  • High-energy food for birds
  • Important nutrition source, especially in winter
  • Irresistible to your avian visitors

Product Description

Because of their high metabolism, birds need a constant source of high-energy food. On a daily basis, birds will consume 50% to 80% of their weight, with insects totaling 50% of a bird's diet.
Year-round Energy and Protein!
Maintaining this high energy level is especially important to birds during the winter, when prey and food are scarce. Add handfuls of Bird Grub® to your feeder all winter long and be entertained by the birds as they relish their meal. In the summer, Bird Grub® provides enough high-powered protein to help hardworking birds satisfy their hungry nestlings. Once birds find that dried caterpillars are on the menu, they won't be able to resist stopping by your yard. And you get a bonus – as more birds visit, you'll also see a decrease in the pesky insect population.
Convenient and Mess-Free!
Bird Grub consists of 100% roasted caterpillars that contain the fat, protein and potassium insect-eating birds need. The dehydrated caterpillars are more convenient than live ones and don't move from the feeder. They are also mess-free and will keep for up to one year in a cool, dry place.
2500 count package - 1/2 lb.

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