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Blumex Parrot Tulip

Unique blooms with color for days!
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Blumex Parrot Tulip

Unique blooms with color for days!
  • Easily draws attention in the border or vase
  • Every Blumex Parrot Tulip bloom is one-of-a-kind
  • Flowers later than the typical tulip
Uniquely shaped and exotically streaked, parrot tulips are endlessly fascinating. Vibrant colors and strong growth make these blumex parrot tulip bulbs covetable from coast to coast. The... Read More »
  • Zone 3-8
  • Height 20 - 22 inches
  • Flowering Date Mid-late spring.
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Ship As 11-12 CM
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Blumex Parrot Tulip
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Product Description

Uniquely shaped and exotically streaked, parrot tulips are endlessly fascinating. Vibrant colors and strong growth make these blumex parrot tulip bulbs covetable from coast to coast. The distinctive Blumex parrot tulip can feature red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, green... even a faint blush of blue over the ruffled petals. And no two Blumex parrot tulips blooms are alike. These parrot tulips grow 20-22" and usually flower later than other tulips, expect a colorful grand finale to your tulip bloom season. We suggest planting these parrot tulip bulbs in a spot in your garden where your audience can admire them up close. Tulipa 'Blumex'

Product Details

  • Botanical Name:

    Tulipa 'Blumex
  • Form: Bulb
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit: 20 - 22 inches
  • Spread: 4 - 6 inches
  • Spacing: 4 - 6 inches
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Flowering Date: Mid-late spring.
  • Planting Instructions: Plant 6" deep.
  • Winter Care: No water care needed.
  • Shipped: 11-12 CM
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Shipping Season: Fall
  • Flower Color: Orange
  • Flower Form: Ruffled shaded flower
  • Foliage Type: Long sword like green
  • Pruning: Only dead heading. It is important to let the foliage mature and die down naturally, do not cut back. Next year's bloom is being developed.
  • Soil Requirement: Well drained
  • Additional Information: Frilly parrot tulip.
  • Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR

Additional Product Info

Questions about Blumex Parrot Tulips

Where is the best place to plant Blumex Parrot Tulips

Just like the bird for which they're named, Blumex Parrot Tulips are happy in warm climates. These tulips grow well in full sunlight, so plant them in a sunny part of the garden where they will receive 6 to 8 hours of light per day-and their colors will stand out beautifully. Blumex Parrot tulips thrive in zones 3-8. If you need to know what your zone is, use our Zone Finder tool to find out. Keep in mind that most bulbs don't perform well in soggy soil, so choose a location where water doesn't pool.

In terms of style, parrot tulips are surprisingly versatile! Mix these tulips with deep-colored lilies and you'll have a vibrant party from spring to summer. Or, set them among solid colored perennials and other late-flowering tulips to make their vibrant petals truly stand out. Because Blumex tulips are relatively tall, growing to 20 to 22 inches, you'll find that they make great back-of-border plants. They also work well as a "thriller" in late-spring planters. For more bulb planting tips, view our planting guide.

When is the best time to plant Parrot Tulip bulbs?

Even though parrot tulips bridge the spring to summer season, these are fall-planted bulbs. Parrot tulip bulbs should be planted in the autumn, allowing time for proper root development before flowers appear in the spring.

How do Parrot Tulip Bulbs grow?

Parrot tulip bulbs grow just like other tulips-from the fleshy scales of their bulbs. Their flashy petals notwithstanding, parrot tulips grow just like other tulips, and should be treated similarly. For best results, plant your tulip bulbs in well-draining soil in autumn. You won't need to treat these bulbs in any special way over winter, but you may want to add a layer of mulch to protect against winter winds and foraging squirrels. Once the bulbs sprout in springtime, water them weekly. They should be fed monthly, using a balanced fertilizer or bulb food throughout the spring until the flowers begin to fade at the beginning of summer.

Do Blumex Parrot Tulips require any winter care?

After your tulips' blooms have faded, allow them to retain their foliage until it begins to die back naturally. Remember, while we may not associate tulips with foliage, these leaves are actually collecting energy that will power next year's blooms. Cut back your bulbs' stems and leaves once the foliage begins to turn brown.

Parrot tulip bulbs are hardy to zones as low as Zone 3, and don't typically need much protection from the elements. You may wish, however, to mulch over your tulip bed before the harsh winter to protect against extremely low temperatures and foraging animals. As with other tulip bulbs, Parrot Tulips can be lifted by squirrels and other digging creatures. You may want to plant them near areas with human activity, or consider using chicken wire, under a layer of soil, as a means to protect your bulbs.


When will my order ship?

Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country during the shipping timeframes outlined below:

2023 Fall Shipping Schedule
Zone Most Dormant Bareroot & Potted Perennials, and Shrubs
3A-4B 9/4/23 - 10/27/23
5A 9/4/23 - 10/27/23
5B 9/4/23 - 10/27/23
6A & 6B 9/4/23 - 10/27/23
7A 9/25/23 - 11/10/23
7B 9/25/23 - 11/10/23
8A & 8B 9/25/23 - 11/10/23
9A-9B 9/25/23 - 11/10/23
10A-10B 9/25/23 - 11/10/23
Last Order Date Zones 3A - 6B: 10/23/23
Zones 7A - 10B: 11/6/23

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