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Bombshell Hydrangea

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Bombshell Hydrangea

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Product Description

This class of hydrangeas is typically referred to as panicle hydrangea. The majority of this group will grow to a mature height of 8-15'. Bombshell unusual as a dwarf, it seldom exceeds 3' tall and 4' wide. Bombshell stands out from others because of its abundant star-shaped flower panicles and its free blooming habit. It blooms earlier and longer than most other panicle hydrangeas. Another outstanding attribute is its strong stems. Flowers are help up with no drooping! And the flowers bloom from July through September, which is kind of a "dead zone" for most blooming plants. So, Bombshell is a "bridge" plant, maintaining a high interest level for your yard throughout the summer. Panicles may be cut to use as fresh arrangements or for drying. 

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