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Bumble Bee Primrose

Cute and fragrant
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Bumble Bee Primrose Bumble Bee Primrose

Bumble Bee Primrose

Cute and fragrant
  • Unique bumble bee color pattern
  • Draws attention in a shade garden
  • Attention grabbing in a border or pot

Product Description

These darling petite flowers mimic the bees that love them. The deep, nearly black shade of brown with yellow scalloped edges looks almost hypnotizing when you get a big group of blooms together. Bumblebee Primrose does best with shade, so you can take advantage of its unique color pattern to draw attention to an otherwise forgotten area of the garden. Its lush foliage will also fill in where other plants won't grow. It'll be charming in a little decorative pot, or group it in a border, but wherever you plant Bumble Bee Primrose, be sure it's a place you can stop and enjoy the lovely perfume. Primula 'Eliator Gold Lace'

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