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Clematis Barbara Harrington

Big achiever in bold vertical interest
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Clematis Barbara Harrington Clematis Barbara Harrington

Clematis Barbara Harrington

Big achiever in bold vertical interest
  • Big vertical impact
  • Consistent color won't fade in the sun
  • Plentiful, large flowers

Product Description

This Clematis grows high for big, bold vertical impact in a sunny garden. You'll love it for its color and attention-grabbing style. For those who've already got some Clematis in the garden, Barbara Harrington blooms earlier than many later large flowered Clematis, so all together you'll get an especially long time with clematis flowers in the garden. It blooms a bunch, with large, disk-shaped, round and open facing blooms in hot, hot pink. If you love Barbara Harrington's flower color like we do, you're all set for the season. This variety's coloring is consistent, and won't fade in the sun, so you'll always know what you're going to get, which makes it easy to plan matching companions. We suggest growing Barbara Harrington alongside Princess Kate, Hyde Hall or another Clematis with white flowers, these pink sepals really pop alongside white tones. We also suggest keeping a spot open in your fresh cut-flower arrangements, the flowers aren't just big and beautiful, they last a nice long time in the vase. Easy to grow, impossible to ignore, Barbara Harrington will steal your heart. Clematis 'Barbara Harrington'

In our EZ Pruning Guide, this variety is in the GREEN pruning category. These Clematis bloom on new vines that emerge from the ground each year or stems from near the bottom of older vines. Prune hard in the spring and as often as you like to encourage reblooming and keep the plant as tidy as you like.

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