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Clematis Duchess Of Albany

Plentiful, beautiful flowers
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Clematis Duchess Of Albany Clematis Duchess Of Albany Clematis Duchess Of Albany Clematis Duchess Of Albany

Clematis Duchess Of Albany

Plentiful, beautiful flowers
  • Striking trumpet-shaped cut flowers
  • Easy and large with a high-impact vertical habit
  • Delivers a profusion of flowers

Product Description

This is a classic—Duchess of Albany was bred back in the late 1890s and has really stood the test of time in home gardening. It's a gorgeous hybrid, with flowers just bursting in abundance. The trumpet flowers grow upward and outward on a large vertical Clematis, calling attention on an arbor or trellis. The best way to see the outside of Clematis sepals is when they form this trumpet shape, and on Duchess of Albany, you'll get a beautiful, consistent color throughout the flowering season. On the inside of the sepal, you'll see a subtle, slightly darker bar, which adds dimension to the flower and makes it all the more striking. Duchess of Albany is very easy to grow. The one thing about this Clematis is that over time it gets quite large. You'll have to site it with care, so really make sure it's in a sunny spot that can handle a 9' or taller flowering vine. Clematis 'Duchess of Albany'

In our EZ Pruning Guide, this variety is in the GREEN pruning category. These Clematis bloom on new vines that emerge from the ground each year or stems from near the bottom of older vines. Prune hard in the spring and as often as you like to encourage reblooming and keep the plant as tidy as you like.

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