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Clematis Huvi™

The perfect blend of beauty and reliability
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Clematis Huvi™ Clematis Huvi™

Clematis Huvi™

The perfect blend of beauty and reliability
  • Elegant recurved flowers from top to bottom
  • Great combination—medium plant and large flowers
  • Reliably cold hardy

Product Description

Huvi's combination of medium plant and large flowers is ideal for the home garden. The plant is just the right size, not too big or too small, to fit in the mid to back border. The big flowers are beautiful, too. They form in an outward-facing disc shape, which recurves elegantly on maturity. The deep wine-red color and spidery centers make each bloom a work of art, and you'll get yourself a whole gallery-full with Huvi. This Clematis truly flowers from top to bottom for impressive floral coverage. It's a later blooming Clematis, so growing it around your earlier blooming varieties will give you a nice long season of vertical interest. Huvi was bred in Estonia, so it's naturally and reliably cold hardy. It'll bloom dependably on old and new vines, although the biggest flowers will appear on older vines. CLEMATIS 'UNAI 006' PP22901

In our EZ Pruning Guide, this variety is in the YELLOW pruning category. It blooms best on old vine. Use caution when pruning to retain healthy stems from last season for best flowering.

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