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Copper Squirrel Baffle

Easily installs under existing feeders

Copper Squirrel Baffle

Easily installs under existing feeders

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Decorative, copper-tone metal collar attaches easily to any existing bird feeder pole. It's unique (and highly effective) design keeps squirrels and small raccoons from climbing the pole to steal the delicious feed left for the birds. Quick and easy to install, simply slip the collar around the pole and snap the ends together. No need to remove the existing feeder! Made of strong galvanized metal, the collar is impervious to chewing and breakage. Made in the USA. 7"H x 19"Dia. Weighs 2.7 lbs.

When choosing a feeder for your backyard sanctuary, consider selecting one that keeps squirrels at bay. Along with raccoons, squirrels have become one of the most tenacious of bandits, stealing any food they can get their little paws on, including your feathered friends' feed, seed, fruits and nuts. Not sure if squirrels are taking your birds' food? An easy way to find out is to simply look out your back door. Do you see squirrels in the yard? If so, they are eating your bird feed. Consider placing a squirrel feeder away from your bird feeders. Then, place a squirrel-proof feeder or attach a baffle to your existing feeder will prevent squirrels from eating their fill, and keep songbirds coming back to your property season after season.

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