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Dwarf Daylily Mix

Make a walkway more welcoming
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Dwarf Daylily Mix Dwarf Daylily Mix

Dwarf Daylily Mix

Make a walkway more welcoming
  • A mix of three especially vigorous dwarf daylilies
  • Ideal for containers and for lining walkways
  • Rarely bothered by pollution, drought or pests

Product Description

That space right next to a walkway can be frustrating. It'll face much more wear and tear, and as people look where they're walking, it'll garner quite a bit of attention. This is where dwarf daylilies shine. Their diminutive heights and lush foliage are perfect for the space. They're beautiful, but they're also extraordinarily sturdy. Pollution, drought, pests and diseases rarely bother daylilies. When you salt the walkway in winter, their roots survive the runoff. They're cold hardy and thrive in nearly any well-drained soil. Because of the size, these are also good container plants. This mix will include one each of Purple de Oro, Happy Returns and the ever popular Stella d'Oro. All three are known for their particularly vigorous natures, so you'll have heaps of blooms throughout a long season. Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns', 'Purple De Oro', 'Stella De Oro'

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