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Earth Angel Hosta

Illuminate your shade garden
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Earth Angel Hosta Earth Angel Hosta

Earth Angel Hosta

Illuminate your shade garden
  • 2009 Hosta of the Year
  • Textured, slug-resistant foliage
  • Margin color brightens from green to white

Product Description

The chartreuse border on each leaf brightens to creamy white in the summer. It's a bright note that lights up a forgotten corner beautifully. Earth Angel's large leaves are heavily corrugated and thick, which is less attractive to slugs. In early summer, enjoy pretty, pale flowers that draw in butterflies. A beautiful foliage plant for filling out hard-to-grow areas in the shade garden. It's also useful around your perennial bulbs like tulips and hyacinths, as their foliage is meant to die back naturally, and hostas cover them perfectly, so your garden still looks nice through the season. Hosta 'Earth Angel' We keep a robust selection of hostas that have won Hosta of the Year in our selection, like Earth Angel—the 2009 winner. This is a fantastic program by the American Hosta Growers Association. As there are many, many cultivars out there to choose from, this association highlights one hosta each year that puts on an exceptionally beautiful and reliable performance in gardens all across the USA, so home gardeners can choose their new hosta with confidence.

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