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Persimmon Fruit Tree Assortments

Persimmon Fruit Tree Assortments

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Persimmon Fruit Tree Assortments

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  • 78958
  • 2-3 FT Assortment
  • Spring
  • Out of Stock
  • 79004
  • 2-4 FT Assortment
  • Spring
  • Out of Stock
  • Ship As 1/4" DIAMETER -2-3' BAREROOT TREE

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    Product Description

    Persimmons are nearly indestructible! Any soil type will do, hardly ever need irrigation, no spraying for pests and diseases, no fertilization, no thinning of fruit, and they are self-fertile! Astringent varieties must be allowed to fully ripen on the tree. They should be allowed to ripen to the point of being soft to allow the astringency to be replaced by sugars. If you eat an astringent variety before it is fully ripe you will have a taste experience that you won't soon forget! It doesn't seem too bad at the beginning, but then there is nothing you can do to get rid of the taste sensation. It can stay on your tongue for hours. Non-astringent varieties can be eaten "firm ripe" like an apple. That's why they are sometimes called "Apple Persimmons". Once Persimmons start to drop their leaves it is usually time to start harvesting. By using pruning shears to cut stems, leave a short ½ to 1" piece of stem on the fruit. This is important to post harvest storage life. Fruit drop is common in young trees. To prevent premature fruit drop, water regularly. Only fertilize once per year. Too little, or inconsistent moisture, and over-fertilizing will cause fruit drop. All varieties are warm zone adapted, with none requiring over 200 winter chill hours. All varieties shipped as dormant, bareroot trees, with ¼"" to ½" caliper.

    Product Details

    • Shipped: 1/4" DIAMETER -2-3' BAREROOT TREE
    • Shipping Season: Spring

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