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Flowering Almond Hedge

The perfect start to a lovely season
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Flowering Almond Hedge

The perfect start to a lovely season
  • Fluffy double flowers
  • Compact and container friendly
  • Dense foliage for screening and privacy

Product Description

Add some romance to your garden design with a shrub that's covered in the most stunning double flowers. These fluffy flowers are the perfect way to welcome life back into your sleepy garden at the start of spring. After the flower show, dense green foliage makes a nice backdrop for your favorite perennials. Sometimes it also produces a dark red fruit that birds love. Flowering Almond tolerates pruning if you want a formal hedge, or if you prefer the natural look you can let it grow. One reason we're offering this as a hedge is because Flowering Almond is such a strong choice for mass planting and grouping. It fills out nicely, can be used for screening and privacy, and tolerates some drought. You'll find it a dependable perennial hedge with a beautiful introduction each spring. It is compact and container friendly, so if you want the impact of fruit tree blossoms on your patio, this is the potted shrub for you. Prunus glandulosa 'Rosea Plena'

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