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Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose

Great for hedging or in a shrub border
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Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose

Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose

Great for hedging or in a shrub border
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  • 85029
  • #1.5 Bareroot
  • Spring
  • $29.99
  • 85786
  • Jumbo Bareroot
  • Spring
  • Out of Stock
  • Moderate fruity scent
  • 45—50 petals packed into each 3½—4" bloom
  • Features a neat, rounded, bushy habit

Product Description

You'll be enraptured by the way the flower clusters of this forever rose plant will illuminate your landscape. These decidedly frilly, full-bodied blooms are old-fashioned in appearance and release an irresistible, fruity scent. Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose boasts a very neat, rounded, bushy habit that fills beautifully with leaves, leaving no gaps between the branches.

The floribunda rose plant is ideal for hedging or as a component of a shrub border. Hardy and low-maintenance, this forever amber rose features long-lasting colors and very strong resistance to diseases such as rose rust, downy mildew, and powdery mildew. Keep in mind that warmer zones tend to produce larger floribundas.Rosa 'WEKcaspetono' PPAF

Growing roses in your garden is easier than you think! For tips on how to care for roses, make sure to check out our rose tips and growing instructions. In addition to our lovely Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose, Spring Hill has a variety of roses for sale for you to choose from.

Is Jumbo the Way to Go?
This rose is available in a Jumbo Bareroot size. Ideal for gardeners who hate to wait, jumbo bareroots have a considerable head start over our standard #1 size.

Jumbo bareroot benefits:

  • Field grown 2-3 times the size of standard #1 bareroot
  • You'll receive a hefty bareroot with 6-9 "flower ready" canes
  • 150% more blooms in the first year, guaranteed
How to prune your #1 and Jumbo bareroot roses
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Product Details

Additional Product Info

How much sun does the Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose need?

The Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose prefers full sun, but can tolerate a bit of shade. Like other floribundas, the Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose produces more blooms if planted in direct sunlight, receiving 6 to 8 hours of sun per day. However, you'll still receive a good amount of frilly, amber-toned roses if your floribunda is planted in partial shade. The tolerance for shady locations-while still producing sprays of flowers-is one of the best aspects of floribunda roses.

What type of soil do Forever Amber™ Floribunda Roses prefer?

While floribunda roses are much less picky than old-fashioned roses, your Forever Amber™ Floribunda Roses will grow best in well-aerated soil that leans acidic. The cardinal rule of roses is to avoid wet feet, so be sure to amend any heavy or clay soil before planting. Loam is the perfect additive for soil in your flower beds, as it retains just the right amount of moisture while preventing water from pooling around the base of your rose plants.

What type of fertilizer should I use for my Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose?

An all-purpose fertilizer, such as a 10-5-10 or 10-10-10, will provide adequate nutrients for your Forever Amber™ Floribunda Rose. Apply fertilizer during watering sessions, about three times per season. Fertilize as the plant begins to green for the year, then in late spring and again in early summer. If you prefer to take a natural route, apply a top dressing of compost or manure twice per season.

How do you prune Forever Amber™ Floribunda roses?

This rose dishes out lots of bold color, but your Forever Amber™ Floribunda can handle a bit of the drama itself. Prune it well back in early spring, cutting back to about one-third the size of the plant after all danger of frost has passed. Floribundas bloom on new wood, so you won't need to worry about snipping buds that haven't yet bloomed. Be sure to remove any damaged or crossed branches, as well as any dead wood.

When should you plant Forever Amber™ Floribunda?

Your Forever Amber™ Floribunda roses will ship as bareroots, and should arrive in early springtime. You can set these roses in the ground after all threat of frost has passed. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root structure of the plant. In colder climates, position the crown of the plant two to three inches below the ground, in zones with mild winters, place the plant with the crown at ground level. Backfill the hole, and water your rose in thoroughly.

What do Forever Amber™ Floribunda roses smell like?

Floribunda roses tend to have a lighter scent than hybrid tea roses or other varieties, so your Forever Amber™ Floribunda roses are unlikely to knock you out with fragrance. However, upon taking a closer sniff, you may find that your Floribundas do provide a sweet, slightly fruity smell. Rose scents are often determined by environmental factors, and roses typically gain more fragrance as the weather heats up.


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