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Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle

A hummingbird magnet
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Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle

A hummingbird magnet
We discovered this outstanding new honeysuckle in the Polish nursery of Dr. Szczepan Marczynski—what a find! Cloud honeysuckle produces masses of large blooms over an unusually long period... Read More »

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We discovered this outstanding new honeysuckle in the Polish nursery of Dr. Szczepan Marczynski—what a find! Cloud honeysuckle produces masses of large blooms over an unusually long period from late spring into fall, and the blooms cover the plant all the way to the ground. The cloud honeysuckle is one of the most fragrant honeysuckle varieties, and is a real delight when planted near a porch or window. Hummingbirds adore the sweet nectar of the multitude of ruby and cream blooms, while the bright red berries of late summer and fall feed robins, wood thrushes, bluebirds, sparrows and goldfinches. Unlike the sprawling Japanese Honeysuckle, this vine only grows to a compact 6-10', depending on the size of its support. An excellent choice to grow on a fence or trellis, once established, this tough vine needs no care. Lonicera periclymenum 'Chojnow' PBR.

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Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle FAQs

How much sun does fragrant honeysuckle need?

Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle is an all-purpose lonicera that can handle both full sun and partial shade, making it a wonderfully versatile plant for locations around the garden. Make sure to provide at least four to six hours of light each day for maximum flower power.

Is fragrant honeysuckle easy to propagate?

Fragrant honeysuckle, unlike Japanese honeysuckle, grows to a limited height of about ten feet. That makes Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle a relatively safe plant to propagate. Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle can be propagated from seed, but it's even easier to re-plant via cuttings.

To create cuttings from your honeysuckle plant, just cut off a branch with at least two sets of leaf pairs-leaves opposite one another on the plant. Place the cutting in a moist rooting medium, and site the cutting in a sunny location. After a few weeks, your honeysuckle should begin to develop roots. If you've kept the cuttings indoors, start hardening them off before transplanting to an outdoor site.

Is Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle invasive?

According to the USDA, Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle is not an invasive species. Thus, it can be planted more safely, and cared for more easily, than invasive Japanese honeysuckle. This plant grows to a height of just ten feet. It's large enough to make a beautiful impact, without overtaking the garden. Fragrant Cloud is quite amenable to pruning, too.

Can I grow fragrant honeysuckle indoors?

While this isn't the wild-growing orange honeysuckle that takes over yards and landscapes, fragrant honeysuckle still requires quite a bit of space to grow. We recommend not growing this variety indoors as the Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle is not a suitable houseplant.

Can I grow honeysuckle on a trellis?

Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle, and other ornamental honeysuckles such as Major Wheeler, are made to be grown on trellis, fences, and arbors. These honeysuckle plants grow to six to ten feet in height, and perform wonderfully as climbers. Plant your honeysuckle in a location that receives at least four hours of sunlight every day-this perennial can grow in afternoon or morning sun-and give it plenty of room to grow both vertically and horizontally.

How do you prune Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle?

Your honeysuckle plant is a quick grower, and very amenable to pruning. While Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle shouldn't need much pruning, you can help the plant establish stronger branching towards the bottom by pruning stems by a third in the first three years after planting. Keep in mind that you shouldn't go wild with pruning, as too much cutting back will limit the number of fragrant blooms you'll see on this plant.

Which honeysuckle is the most fragrant?

While invasive honeysuckle-the orange honeysuckle that comes to the United States from Japan-can be a pest in the garden, it is one of the most fragrant types of honeysuckle. However, for a non-invasive, easy-to-maintain alternative, woodbine honeysuckles like Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle are a great choice. These flowers produce a sweet, reliable scent year after year and have beautiful flowers as well.

Is Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle poisonous?

Ornamental honeysuckle is not edible, but is relatively low in toxicity. Its berries can be poisonous to pets and people, so, to be on the safe side, don't leave dogs or kids unattended near these plants.


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