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Golden Spirit Smoke Tree

For an outstanding color feature
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Golden Spirit Smoke Tree Golden Spirit Smoke Tree

Golden Spirit Smoke Tree

For an outstanding color feature
  • Colorfast through summer
  • Great fall color
  • Prune for a compact specimen

Product Description

This smoke tree is a luminous accent, whose leaves remain an incredibly vibrant shade of chartreuse all throughout summer. That's pretty exciting news, as this bright of a color on trees is often hard to keep vibrant in the summer sun. The foliage then transforms to shades of amber and coral and burgundy in fall, bringing that heart-warming autumn feel into your landscape. These colorful leaves are so perfectly rounded, they're almost circular. Golden Spirit will naturally grow to about 6-8', which is great as a specimen planting, and tall enough for screening and privacy. However, if you want to keep it on the more compact end of the spectrum, you can lightly prune it in spring. Cotinus coggygria 'Golden Spirit' PP13082

We've heard many say Golden Spirit produces tiny yellow flowers and the distinctive smoky plumes afterwards that give this tree its name. According to Golden Spirit's patent and 4 years of testing, it wasn't seen to flower. So this is a smoke tree you'll want to get more for the leaves than anything else, but if you see a smoky cloud of flowers, enjoy the rare treat.

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