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Green Gem Boxwood

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Green Gem Boxwood

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Product Description

Does NOT require pruning to maintain its size and shape. Perfect as a well behaved, low hedge. Fully mature at 3-4 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Noted for its excellent winter hardiness and its perfectly round shape. Of course, like all Boxwoods, it can be pruned to maintain any size or shape that you would like. Most Boxwoods' evergreen foliage suffers from harsh winter weather, turning an unattractive bronze/yellow, even in zone 6. (After the spring flush they will usually look fine, but during winter and spring they can look like they are dying). Green Gem is widely planted because of its resistance to this winter burn. Zones 4-9. Does well in most of the South, except zone 10. Tolerant of rabbit and deer. 

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