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Green Giant Arborvitae Hedge

Spicy Spring Perfume
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Green Giant Arborvitae Hedge

Spicy Spring Perfume
  • Grows very fast and very tall
  • Prunes easily for a uniform hedge
  • Stays green all year round--no yellowing!
The green giant thuja is a hybrid discovered in Denmark--it is a powerhouse performer, growing vigorously to towering heights. There's no need to prune this evergreen, you can simply let it grow... Read More »

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Product Description

The green giant thuja is a hybrid discovered in Denmark--it is a powerhouse performer, growing vigorously to towering heights. There's no need to prune this evergreen, you can simply let it grow its full 30-40' for a windbreak. The green giant arborvitae does respond well to pruning, however, if you'd prefer something a little more uniform for hedging. The biggest benefit, other than its brilliant size, is that the lush, abundant foliage puts the 'green' in evergreen--it won't turn yellow or bronze in winter. This green giant arborvitae hedge variety is not very picky about soil, but it prefers well-drained if you have it. It's also extremely resilient to hotter humid temperatures, as well as frost and snow. Order your green giant thuja hedges, so you can have a beautiful, towering hedge that acts both as shade, a sound barrier, and privacy. Thuja plicata 'Green Giant' (syn T. 'Gigantioides')

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When to plant Thuja Green Giant:

Giant Green Arborvitae isn't picky about its location, and will tolerate wetter conditions than most hedge plants. However, this giant prefers well-drained soil and lots of sun, and it will experience root damage if kept in continuously pooling water. Arborvitae are most frequently used as hedge rows along the back of a property, or as a dividing line between neighboring yards. They can also thrive closer to buildings, or serve to create a private seating space within the garden. Just make sure to leave a good fifteen feet between your arborvitae and any structures.

How to plant thuja green giant:

Choose a sunny location with decent drainage, and be sure to consider that these plants truly do grow to be giants! Because the Thuja Green Giant grows so quickly, you should clear enough space to accommodate its mature size. If you are planting just one Green Giant as a specimen, clear enough space to accommodate its full width of ten to fifteen feet — if you're planting a row or hedge of arborvitae, you will first need to decide how tightly together you want them to grow and then clear the necessary space to fit that aesthetic..

Dig a hole slightly wider than your arborvitaeés pot. Remove your arborvitae from its container and gently loosen the roots. Then, set it in the hole at the same width to which it was growing in the container. Add in some compost as you refill the hole, and water in the plant well. Apply mulch to help protect your arborvitae from drying out, and water it weekly for its first year of life. After your Giant Green Arborvitae is established, it will require very little care. These attractive and truly evergreen hedges are incredibly low maintenance, requiring little water or fertilization and happy to go without pruning.

How far apart to plant green giant arborvitae:

Green Giant Arborvitae grow to a uniform height and width, making them an easy plant to use for hedges— and spacing can make all the difference in their appearance. Although Green Giants spread to ten to fifteen feet in width, you can plant them closer together to create a dense privacy row. Plant these arborvitae five to six feet apart for optimum privacy— or stagger them into two rows, about four feet apart, allowing the arborvitae to fill in as a living fence. Another choice would be to space your arborvitae further apart to create a less "dense" look. In larger landscapes, these attractive evergreens look great planted on their own as a specimen, or in groups.

How fast do Green Giant Arborvitae grow?

Green Giant Arborvitae lives up to its name, growing up to 40 feet in height, and it is a vigorous grower. Don't be surprised if you see just a foot or two of growth in the first year — once established, however, Green Giant Thuja will grow three to five feet annually before reaching their maximum height. You'll have an amazing privacy hedge in just a few years, and these arborvitae reach their full, lush height in well under a decade!

How to trim Green Giant Arborvitae:

One of the best things about this giant arborvitae is its low maintenance. Green Giant doesn't need pruning, you can simply let it grow. You need only trim your Green Giant Arborvitae to the form you want--and most gardeners find that shaping this already-shapely arborvitae isn't necessary. However, if your goal is perfectly-uniform hedges, it may make sense to lightly prune your Green Giant Arborvitae.

If you want to prune your hedges for aesthetic reasons, be sure to prune in the spring or summer before cool weather sets in, giving your arborvitae time to harden off where it has been pruned before winter's first frost. Be sure not to cut the limbs back entirely, as bare limbs may not "green up" again after a harsh pruning. Keep your cuts within green wood, so that the plant will be able to fill itself back in. Keep a shape in mind as you prune, and be sure not to cut the bottom of the arborvitae deeper than the top. Remember, these attractive arborvitae grow in a naturally pleasing, pyramidal shape— allow them to keep that shape by not over pruning.


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