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Groundcover Dogwood

Easy and impressive
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Groundcover Dogwood Groundcover Dogwood Groundcover Dogwood

Groundcover Dogwood

Easy and impressive
  • A winter-hardy and carefree native plant
  • Blooms, fruit and colorful fall foliage
  • A home-gardener favorite

Product Description

You may have seen Groundcover Dogwood before, it's very popular with home gardeners. It does what all ground covers do—it makes an area easy to maintain by providing a lush carpet low across the ground. However, as a native variety, it's also very winter harty and especially carefree. It spreads slowly, but that keeps it easily managable. So when it comes to maintenance, Groundcover Dogwood is the ace up your sleeve. It's also great in style, delivering blooms in spades, along with pretty fruits and colorful fall foliage. The fruit is edible, but it's considered an aquired taste for humans. Birds love the stuff, yet hungry deer aren't likely to bother it. Cornus candensis

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