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Apple Honeycrisp Reachables®

Apple Honeycrisp Reachables®

Ideal for fresh eating
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Apple Honeycrisp Reachables<sup>®</sup> Apple Honeycrisp Reachables<sup>®</sup> Apple Honeycrisp Reachables<sup>®</sup>

Apple Honeycrisp Reachables®

Ideal for fresh eating
  • Especially cold-hardy tree
  • Renowned flavor and texture
  • Part of the Reachables® line—harvest without the ladder
  • Zone 3-6
  • Height 5 - 7 feet
  • Flowering Date Ripens in early September. Take 2-5 years to bear fruit.
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun
  • Ship As REACHABLES TM 2-4 FT.

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    Product Description

    Honeycrisp has been popular ever since it was introduced, the crunchy texture and honey-sweet flavor make it second to none for eating fresh. Developed by the University of Minnesota, it's also one of the most cold-hardy apple trees. This is one of the Reachables® varieties, which stays compact enough to easily manage. The pruning, spraying and picking fruit can all be done while standing on the ground. Gone are the days you'll need room for a full orchard to enjoy fresh, sun-ripened fruit. With the aid of a cold-hardy pollinator, it'll produce delicious September apples. Apple trees can take a lot of time to establish well enough to produce fruit, but this variety may begin production in under two years! It will produce a heavier crop every other year. Honeycrisp is sometimes susceptible to bitter pit, but decreased potassium fertilizer and a calcium foliar spray can prevent the disorder. Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp'

    Product Details

    • Botanical Name:

      Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp'
    • Form: Fruit Tree, Fruit, Apple, Standard Apple Tree, Reachables Apple Tree
    • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
    • Height/Habit: 5 - 7 feet
    • Spread: 5 - 7 feet
    • Spacing: 10 - 20 feet
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-6
    • Flowering Date: Ripens in early September. Take 2-5 years to bear fruit.
    • Planting Instructions: Dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots without having to bend them. Firm soil around the roots and water thoroughly.
    • Shipped: REACHABLES TM 2-4 FT.
    • Growth Rate: Moderate.
    • Shipping Season: Fall
    • Flower Color: White
    • Pruning: If tree is less than 3 years old, remove the stem tips to encourage branching. On mature trees, remove whole branches at trunk if interior of tree becomes thick that air can't circulate. Remove diseased or dead branches.
    • Soil Requirement: Well-drained, fertile soil.
    • Additional Information: Apple trees are grafted. Mix generous amounts of organic material 15 - 18 inches into the soil before planting. Seeds are a good indicator of ripeness, white if fruit is immature and brown when fruit is ripe. Ripe fruit should part from the stem easily. If storing over Winter, select bruise and blemish free fruit. Water trees deeply in hot, dry windy weather. After 1st year, fertilizer with 12-12-12; 1 lb. per tree. Feed in early Spring before new growth starts. It is very important to not over-fertilize; avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Introduced in 1991 from the University of Minnesota, this tree is precocious and productive. Pre-harvest drop is a problem in warmer growing areas.
    • Restricted States: AE AK CA GU HI ID OR PR

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