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Jurassic Gold Fern

A fern like no other
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Jurassic Gold Fern Jurassic Gold Fern Jurassic Gold Fern Jurassic Gold Fern

Jurassic Gold Fern

A fern like no other
  • New fronds are golden
  • Low–maintenance shade plant
  • Carefree container feature

Product Description

Every new frond is a treasure on Jurassic Gold. While they mature into the lush, lively green that made ferns popular, the new growth starts out in an exquisite orangey tone that's totally unique. Plant it in with a mix of ferns, and the random streaks of fiery color will keep the whole mix interesting. With that mix, you could coat a shady woodland garden in verdant beauty. On the other hand, you could add Jurassic Gold to a shade border as an easy, low–maintenance feature. Ferns are popular for container gardening—try this one either as a colorful, graceful filler in a mixed container or centerstage in a container of its own. Dryopteris wallichiana 'Jurassic Gold'

Jurassic Gold has already gotten itself a fair bit of critical acclaim. It won Best New Plant at Hort Week Awards in 2019, and second place at the Farwest Trade Show in 2020.

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