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Ka-Bluey® Blueberry

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Ka-Bluey<sup>®</sup> Blueberry Ka-Bluey<sup>®</sup> Blueberry Ka-Bluey<sup>®</sup> Blueberry

Ka-Bluey® Blueberry

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  • Ka-Bluey® Blueberry
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Product Description

The most delicious berry we have ever encountered. Sweet, rich blueberry taste with hints of peach, strawberry and raspberry. After you try Ka-Bluey, you won't want to eat any other blueberry variety! Their exceptionally crisp texture only gets better with refrigeration. So sweet you don't need to add any sugar. Large, vigorous plants are simply loaded with scrumptious fruit come July. Perfect for home gardens, Ka-Bluey has no significant pest or disease problems and is extremely hardy—plants are practically care free once established. Get one now and enjoy the most delicious blueberry ever for yourself. We can't wait for you to try Ka-Bluey! Potted. PPAF

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