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Blueberry Northland

Pretty and productive-a win/win
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Blueberry Northland Blueberry Northland Blueberry Northland

Blueberry Northland

Pretty and productive-a win/win
  • The most cold-hardy blueberry bush yet
  • Compact habit for container gardening
  • Gorgeous with abundant berries and colorful fall foliage

Product Description

You can grow blueberries even if you're up in a chilly northern zone-this is the most cold-hardy blueberry bush yet. It's more compact, only growing to about 3-4', but still bears around 15-20 lbs of berries once it matures. The fruit has a nice bright color and crisp texture, with a delightful wild blueberry taste. The berries a delicious healthy snack and the perfect conversation-starting feature on a hors d'oeuvres tray. This semi-dwarf bush is also fantastic for landscaping, especially if you're looking to create a container focal point. It's self-pollinating and just the right size for a large pot, and the bountiful berries look like little gems. Then in fall, the foliage turns a bold yellow-orange hue, with brilliant yellow stems for an extra pop of color in the autumn garden. It's a creative way to create a more dynamic garden design. Vaccinium 'Northland'

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