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Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

A stately European transplant
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Norway Spruce

A stately European transplant
  • Support a variety of wildlife and birds
  • Rich green needles hold their color all winter long
  • Drought tolerance and resistance to disease

Product Description

The Norway Spruce originates from parts of Eastern Europe and the Black Forest. As Europeans emigrated from the Old Country, so did this beautiful conifer—and we're so glad it's part of American landscapes today. An attractive, broad tree with a perfect pyramidal shape, the Norway Spruce is a Christmas favorite. This spruce works well as a wind screen or border tree, but can serve as a lovely standalone, too. The Norway Spruce can reach heights over one hundred feet, but typically grows to forty to sixty feet in our cool and temerate climates. Thanks to their drought tolerance and resistance to disease, Norway Spruce trees can thrive for centures.

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