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Oochigeas Itoh Peony

A legendary peony with tons of blooms
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Oochigeas Itoh Peony Oochigeas Itoh Peony Oochigeas Itoh Peony

Oochigeas Itoh Peony

A legendary peony with tons of blooms
  • Surprising color combination
  • Lush, long-lasting foliage
  • A name with a beautiful story

Product Description

Itoh peonies are a treasure of hybridization, showing off the attractive plant habit of herbaceous peonies and the massive, gorgeous flowers of tree peonies. Itoh varieties are difficult to obtain, however, so we are delighted to have new varieties to offer—especially when that new variety is as special as Oochigeas. This peony produces boatloads of gorgeous, rounded and fully double blooms, in an unexpected, interesting color combination. The blooms appear in late spring, on a medium-sized bush. Lush foliage will keep the plant handsome for months after the blooms have finished. Peonies can last for decades in the garden, so it would make a great foundation plant. You could also put it in a perennial border or cutting garden. This peony's name, Oochigeas, is in reference to a young woman in an Algonquian legend that's similar to Cinderella.Paeonia itoh'Oochigeas'

Peonies have few requirements: give them a sunny well-drained location, plant 2-4' apart, with the eyes (new buds at the crown) no more than 2" below soil level and apply fertilizer or compost in spring. They take a while to establish, often 3 years before the first bloom—but the wait is worth it. They are heirloom quality. Let them grow undisturbed and they will bring joy to you and your loved ones through the decades.

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