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Petra Croton

6-8 Hours of Bright Direct Light & High Humidity
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Petra Croton Petra Croton Petra Croton

Petra Croton

6-8 Hours of Bright Direct Light & High Humidity
  • Exquisite leaves with variegated, multicolored veins
  • Low-maintenance and easy to care for
  • Purifies the air

Product Description

This houseplant's large leaves are shot through with incredibly colorful veins. The effect is stunning. And, not only does it provide exquisite visual interest with its variegation, the Croton Petra also grows large enough to make it the focal point of any room—sometimes up to 6-8' high. For a bare corner, this is the ideal filler. You can also prune it in spring to keep it lower. Petra is a low-maintenance houseplant, requiring watering only when its soil begins to dry out, but it thrives in humid environments. Growing houseplants make a refreshing feature, but Petra does this in two ways, as it helps purify the air while it grows. If you need to move it, you may see it dropping leaves, as Croton gets easily stressed from movement. But don't panic, with some TLC it'll be back in business fast. Codiaeum 'Petra'

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