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Phasion Variegated Canna Lily

Add a tropical touch
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Phasion Variegated Canna Lily

Add a tropical touch
  • Striking foliage even before flowering
  • Perfect "thriller" in containers
  • Easy to save and store tuber
Set your garden apart from the rest with the addition of this striking tropical offering. Phasion Variegated Canna is a gorgeous variety that boasts some of the most spectacular foliage around.... Read More »

Product Description

Set your garden apart from the rest with the addition of this striking tropical offering. Phasion Variegated Canna is a gorgeous variety that boasts some of the most spectacular foliage around. Broad, ovate leaves are striated in bold shades of red, yellow and pink—a real standout in the landscape. Beginning in midsummer, the large, bright orange canna lily flowers appear in clusters atop very tall, very strong stems. The phasion variegated canna lily flowers have a flared form that give an island-inspired look to borders and decorative containers. This fast-growing rhizome is easy to grow, tolerant of many soil types and deer resistant. Butterflies love it. The phasion variegated canna is a sun-loving perennial and the perfect border plant to bring color to your garden. Canna x generalis 'Phasion'

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How long do phasion variegated canna lilies bloom?

Phasion variegated canna lilies have a pleasingly long bloom time, and tend to bloom from mid-summer to frost. In warmer climates-zones 8 and 9, where canna lilies can be grown as perennials-these variegated cannas may bloom a little earlier, and have bigger blooms each year. You can encourage more flowering by using a flower-friendly fertilizer or plant food.

Can you grow phasion variegated canna lilies in pots?

You can absolutely grow phasion variegated canna lilies in pots. Choose a pot at least one foot tall-larger pots will allow the canna lilies to grow larger. Use a rich potting soil, and be sure to keep your cannas watered well. Phasions are the perfect "thriller" for containers, and allow those planters to stand out on patios or in entryways.

Container planting is the preferred method for many gardeners in Zones 3 through 7, where canna lilies need to be lifted or stored each year. Cannas are not cold-hardy, and will not survive a hard frost.

Instead of lifting, potted canna lilies can be brought inside and stored over winter. Potting also allows you to grow cannas indoors, to bring some of that summertime beauty in. In order to successfully keep potted cannas indoors, you will need to provide your cannas with a dormant period. If kept "awake" over winter, these plants don't thrive. In winter, store your potted cannas in a cool, dark location. Water just frequently enough that the soil doesn't dry out entirely. In spring, you can reintroduce them to a sunny location or windowsill.

How much water do phasion variegated canna lilies need?

Phasion variegated canna lilies need consistently moist soil, and prefer a bit of humidity. They're great for planting near water features or in humid climates. Make sure to provide them with a few inches of water per week during dry spells, and don't allow more than the top inch of soil to dry out. Depending upon your planting site, you can use a pebble tray, mister, or watering system to keep these plants from drying out due to lack of moisture and humidity.

How far apart should phasion variegated canna lilies be planted?

Phasion variegated canna lilies feature wide, full foliage-so let that foliage grow. These cannas like to have 18 to 24 inches to themselves. A bit of extra space also allows plenty of room to view these cannas' wide, tropical leaves with bright orange striping.


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