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Pink Muhly Grass

Spectacular and easy to grow ornamental grass
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Pink Muhly Grass Pink Muhly Grass Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass

Spectacular and easy to grow ornamental grass
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  • Native ornamental grass requires little care
  • Adds stunning late-season color
  • Deer tend not to eat it

Product Description

Pink muhly grass is an easy-to-grow, native ornamental grass, providing gorgeous late-season color. Its delicate pink plume seed heads completely envelop the foliage in late summer. Plant en masse, in a patio container or place between shrubs and bushes in the landscape. Muhly grass, or Muhlenbergia capillaris, is also stunning in dried floral arrangements. To top it off, this rugged perennial is deer resistant, thrives in nearly any soil, and tolerates heat, humidity and even drought conditions. Muhlenbergia capillaris

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Does pink muhly grass spread?

Pink muhly grass grows from seed, but does not tend to reseed itself heavily, and it won't become invasive. Your plants will fill in over a few years, and can be divided every two to three years.

Does pink muhly grass need full sun?

Pink muhly grass does perform best in full sun, although it can handle partial shade. For maximum height and color, make sure to provide your pink muhly grass with at least several sunlight hours per day.

Should pink muhly grass be cut back?

One of the best things about pink muhly grass is the winter interest it creates in the garden.You can cut back your muhly grass in fall, but most gardeners allow the stalks to stand tall, providing shapely and waving wisps in the winter landscape. Muhly grass makes an attractive hiding place for birds, and looks simply beautiful when topped with snow on a quiet winter morning. If you want to keep your muhly grass over winter, please do! Just trim back dead and damaged grass in early spring, before it begins to grow again, cutting back to about six inches off the ground.

How quickly does muhly grass grow?

Muhly grass will reach its full width in about three years, but it shoots up to nearly its full height in the same year that you plant it. A moderate grower, pink muhly grass is all about vertical interest.

Is muhly grass invasive?

Muhly grass is not invasive. It needs to be divided every three or four years-just like most other perennials-but it will not spread into your yard or reseed into the garden.

How do you take care of pink muhly grass?

Pink muhly grass is extremely easy to care for, and renowned for its drought tolerance and ability to withstand heat. Water your muhly grass regularly during its first season, and once established it will tolerate heat, humidity, and even low water levels for years to come. Your muhly grass doesn't require much startup care, although it will appreciate watering and a balanced fertilizer in springtime. In late fall, either cut back the grass to about six inches above the ground, or allow it to remain for winter interest and cut it back in the spring.

What can you plant next to pink muhly grass?

Nearly any other sun-loving plant can be placed next to pink muhly grass-and, some plants that can't withstand direct sun in summer can even be shaded by this tall and stately grass. Native plants provide a beautiful sidekick to this prairie grass, so consider incorporating sunflowers, coneflowers, or yarrow to your planting.


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