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Pinkerella Hydrangea

Reliable color, every season
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Pinkerella Hydrangea Pinkerella Hydrangea

Pinkerella Hydrangea

Reliable color, every season
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  • 62041
  • 1 Gallon Pot
  • Fall
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  • 62040
  • 3 Gallon Pot
  • Fall
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  • Color stays beautiful as flowers mature
  • Dried flower heads for winter interest
  • Blooms reliably on new wood

Product Description

Love the color pink? Get plenty of it with this strong performing hydrangea. It blooms in mid to late summer, and has a beautiful colorway from the moment it blooms to the day it finally dries, without ever going murky or dull. You won't have to deadhead either, the dried flower heads are a beautiful accent in the winter garden. You'll find it's easy to care for, as it's a cultivar of our native arborescens and produces nice clean foliage in North American gardens. It's great in a hedge, a long-lasting perennial accent and a delight in a large patio pot. Feature it in fresh arrangements and the strong stems will keep the blooms standing tall. Or use it in a dried arrangement for a vintage accent that'll last months and months. Pinkerella blooms reliably on new wood, so even an unexpected late freeze won't ruin your chances of seeing new flowers that year. Hydrangea arborescens 'Pinkerella'Prune it your way: We suggest you wait to prune until you see new growth towards the start of spring. That way, you can just trim away any winter frost damage based on what's not exhibiting any signs of new growth. Cut each stem down to the first live buds (the top-most buds with stem that's green on the inside), remove all dead stems to the base, and Pinkerella is all set for the new season. You could also take this opportunity to prune each stem down to just one set of buds. You will have less flowers, but with more energy available, those flower heads will be much bigger and more impressive.

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