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Plum Fruit Tree Assortments

Plum Fruit Tree Assortments

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Plum Fruit Tree Assortments Plum Fruit Tree Assortments

Plum Fruit Tree Assortments

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  • 78960
  • 2-3 FT Assortment
  • Spring
  • Out of Stock
  • 79034
  • 2-4 FT North Assortment
  • Spring
  • Out of Stock
  • Ship As 1/4" DIAMETER -2-3' BAREROOT TREE

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    Product Description

    Valued for their very showy early season bloom, almost as much as for their juicy, acid-over-sugars fresh eating flavor. Plums make great edible landscape plantings. Vigorous growers. Eat fresh, cook, dry, or make jam with any plum unless otherwise noted. Japanese plums are the largest and juiciest of the plums, with a complex blend of acids and sugar. Definitely preferred for fresh eating over European plums. Japanese plums also need less winter chill and do better in heat and humidity, making them good choices for the lower South, zones 8-9. Unless otherwise noted all plums are the Japanese type. Winter chill requirements are listed for each variety. The easiest way to find out what the average hours of winter chill you receive where you live is to check with your County Extension Service. You can also likely find with a Google search. Search for "USDA chill hours". If you don't get enough chill hours in your area, you may get inconsistent fruit set, some years may not have any fruit set. Shipped as dormant, bareroot trees, 1/4" to ½" caliper.

    Product Details

    • Shipped: 1/4" DIAMETER -2-3' BAREROOT TREE
    • Shipping Season: Spring

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