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Purple Prairie Trillium

A charming, carefree ground cover
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Purple Prairie Trillium

A charming, carefree ground cover
  • Early harbinger of spring
  • Mottled foliage like dappled sunlight in shade
  • Reliably naturalizing native wildflower
Maybe the best thing about this prairie trillium is the mottled foliage, which looks like it's constantly in dappled sun--a little captured sunlight for your shady woodland garden. Trillium is a... Read More »
  • Zone 4-9
  • Height 12 - 18 inches
  • Flowering Date Mid to late spring
  • Sun Exposure Partial Shade, Full Shade
  • Ship As NO.1 BAREROOT
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Purple Prairie Trillium
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Product Description

Maybe the best thing about this prairie trillium is the mottled foliage, which looks like it's constantly in dappled sun--a little captured sunlight for your shady woodland garden. Trillium is a fascinating plant, it's named for all the threes present in its plant form--usually three leaves, sepals, and petals on each stem. This purple trillium variety grows unbranched, begins growing right towards the end of winter, and becomes one of the early harbingers of spring. It is a slow and steady native wildflower--it won't jump straight up but it'll dependably naturalize. Divide it every few years in the fall to increase the spread through a shady plot. Trillium recurvatum

Adding ground covers to your garden is easier than you think! For tips on how to care for ground cover plants like the purple prairie trillium, make sure to check out our annuals and perennial tips and growing instructions. Additionally, Spring Hill has a variety of shade perennial plants for sale that are perfect for planting alongside your shade-loving trillium plant.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name:

    Trillium recurvatum
  • Form: Ground Cover
  • Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Shade
  • Height/Habit: 12 - 18 inches
  • Spread: 6 - 12 inches
  • Spacing: 6 - 12 inches
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-9
  • Flowering Date: Mid to late spring
  • Winter Care: Mulch annually in autumn with leaf mold
  • Shipped: NO.1 BAREROOT
  • Shipping Season: Spring
  • Flower Color: Purple, Mixed
  • Flower Form: The flower (2" high) features three erect petals of variable color (maroon to brownish purple to dark red) 3 reflexed sepals and sits on top of a set of three whorled leaves.
  • Foliage Type: Broadly elliptic to rounded, deep green, marbled pale green, gray-white and
  • Soil Requirement: Moist, well drained, humus rich, acid to neutral
  • Watering Requirement: Keep evenly moist
  • Additional Information: A classic spring-blooming, woodland wildflower. Excellent when massed in a shaded woodland garden, naturalized area or wildflower garden. Mixes well with other spring wildflowers and ferns. Not recommended for the perennial border.
  • Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR

Additional Product Info

How much shade does the purple prairie trillium need?

Purple prairie trillium are truly full-shade plants, making them excellent for woodland gardens and for those tough, dark areas of the landscape where nothing seems to grow! Purple prairie trillium will thrive in low-light conditions most of the day, but needs at least afternoon shade to maintain their health. The further South you're gardening, the more shade this plant will require. It won't tolerate hot afternoon shade, especially in warm climates.

What type of soil do purple prairie trillium plants prefer?

Trillium prefers well-drained soil that's high in organic matter. In other words, your purple prairie trillium will love compost. Amend your garden soil with humus or loam, as well as a good amount of organic material, at planting time.

What type of fertilizer should I use for my purple prairie trillium plant?

The best fertilizer for trillium plants is a top-dressing of compost, chopped leaves, or other organic material. Add a one to two-inch thick layer of compost over your planting area each fall, and allow the nutrients and nitrogen from that organic matter to leach into the ground. A top dressing of compost imitates the natural woodland environment from which purple prairie trillium originates. These native plants are happy to thrive when provided a forest-like environment.

When should you mulch the purple prairie trillium?

Use leaf mulch in the fall to cover your trillium with nutrient-rich organic matter. A low-thickness layer of wood mulch can be beneficial, too. Trillium doesn't compete well with other plants, and mulching not only provides new nutrients for the soil, but it also keeps weeds at bay, too.

How often should I water my purple prairie trillium?

Water purple prairie trillium regularly, mimicking the woodland setting from which these plants originate. Allow just the top half-inch of soil to dry out before watering. Keeping your trillium in a shady location is also helpful, as low light allows the soil to dry out slowly and evenly. Purple prairie trillium performs best in soil that's moist but not soggy, so don't soak the soil too much, and allow the top half-inch to dry out before re-watering.


When will my order ship?

Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country during the shipping timeframes outlined below:

2024 Spring Shipping Schedule
Zone Most Dormant Bareroot & Potted Perennials, and Shrubs
3A-3B 4/29/24 - 5/31/24
4A-4B 4/29/24 - 5/31/24
5A 4/18/24 - 5/31/24
5B 3/25/24 -5/31/24
6A 3/11/24 - 5/31/24
6B 2/26/24 - 5/31/24
7A 2/22/24 - 5/31/24
7B 2/19/24 - 5/31/24
8A 2/15/24 - 5/10/24
8B 2/12/24 - 5/10/24
9A-10B 2/5/24 - 5/10/24
Last Order Date Zones 3A - 7B: 5/27/24
Zones 8A - 10B: 5/10/24

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