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Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose

Intense red color
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Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose

Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose

Intense red color

Product Description

The Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose boasts high-centered, exhibition-type dark red flowers that are framed with dark green, glossy foliage. The 1½" double flowers hold their color, and these rose plants are additionally disease resistant. These miniature red roses will brighten up any garden space; whether planted along a walkway, in the front of a border, or in containers. Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses are sure to be eye-catching, adding charm to any garden space and requiring surprisingly little effort. If you want to learn more about how to care for mini red roses and other varieties check out our rose care guide. Rosa 'WEKsactrumi' PPAF

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Can Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses be planted inside?

Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses can be grown indoors as houseplants, especially if they can make their home in a sunny bay window or sill. Indoor roses do need a few extra care steps, however. Here are a few tips for growing miniature roses indoors.

  • Make sure they receive adequate water. Water your indoor roses regularly, and only allow the top inch or so to dry out. Roses are thirsty plants, but don't like wet feet, so they need adequate drainage.
  • Ensure your roses receive at least six hours of direct sunlight per day through the growing season.
  • Roses need a cold, dormant period to stay healthy, so provide that to your miniature potted roses by placing them in a cool, dark location for the winter. A garage or basement is a perfect place for your roses to spend the cold season.
  • Don't allow your miniature roses to become pot bound, and don't make them share a container. These plants like to have enough space for their roots, with plenty to grow.
  • Deadhead your roses as the flowers fade to encourage regrowth.
  • Stop deadheading your miniature roses at the end of the typical outdoor growing season - this will help encourage them to begin going dormant.

Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses are beautiful, easy-care roses for indoors or out, and are incredibly versatile plants sure to brighten any garden space.

How big will the Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose grow?

True miniature roses, Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses grow to a height of about two feet. They're not a climbing variety, and they're unlikely to need pruned. These are true roses, but they stay compact and short.

How much sun do Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses need?

Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses require full sun, meaning they prefer at least six to eight hours of sun each day. Full sun is the best for flower production, but miniature roses can withstand a little shade or dappling, meaning they can be planted near your taller roses and shrubs.

What type of soil is best for Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses?

Like other roses, Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Roses prefer rich, but well-drained, soil. Adding compost and loam to your planting site can do wonders for these roses, and allow their roots to spread out without encountering pockets of overly wet soil.

How often should you water your Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose?

Water weekly for the first year, and then set a watering schedule based upon your roses' needs. Roses typically require an inch of water per week after becoming established, so use a soaker hose or regular morning waterings if you live in a dry area or are going through a drought.

Does the Ruby Ruby™ Miniature Rose need to be pruned?

Miniature roses do not need to be pruned, but they can be cleaned up to remove dead or crossed branches. Pruning can also help to encourage regrowth and to maintain a desired size or shape. And, pruning won't hurt these mini roses-they bloom on new wood. Prune in the fall, if necessary, make each cut above a leaf axil.


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