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Sedum Carpet

More color, less water
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Sedum Carpet Sedum Carpet Sedum Carpet Sedum Carpet

Sedum Carpet

More color, less water
  • A colorful backdrop for your flowers
  • Forms a dense, weed-suppressing mat
  • A drought-tolerant grass alternative

Product Description

Who's excited to get out there and weed the garden? Not you? Then design for less of it. This mix of colorful sedum forms a thick, dense, evergreen mat that'll suppress those pesky garden weeds in all stages. And it's so easy to grow, you can turn it into a beautiful, colorful backdrop you don't have to worry about. It's extremely drought tolerant, and adaptable to most anywhere you want to grow it. It also doesn't require fertilizer, it spreads without coaxing (although if it spreads anywhere you want to keep clear, simply break off the spreading roots with a spade). This selection includes Lime Zinger, Pride and Joy & Little Miss Sunshine--three wildly colorful and trendy varieties.

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