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Sensational!® Lavender

A modern take on lavender
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Sensational!<sup>®</sup> Lavender Sensational!<sup>®</sup> Lavender Sensational!<sup>®</sup> Lavender

Sensational!® Lavender

A modern take on lavender
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  • 79408
  • 3" Pot
  • Spring
  • $24.99
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  • Dormant 1 Gallon
  • Spring
  • $39.99
  • Fragrant fresh–cut and dried flowers
  • Unique in its large flowers and silver leaves
  • Lovely perfume with low camphor

Product Description

Sensational Lavender is—legitimately—sensational. The first thing we love is its modern form. The flower heads are unusually large and open, yet still densely packed. They rise up over striking silver foliage, which provides contrast to green leaves in a mixed border. Sensational carries the lavender perfume we love, but with low camphor, so it cuts out any bitterness. You'll want to cut back spent flowers to encourage new buds…and while you're at it, why not take a few stalks for fragrant cut flowers? The strong stems are great for bouquet building. Sensational has all the landscaping capabilities of a great lavender—heat, humidity and cold tolerance with an all–around sturdy disposition. You can perennialize it in a woodland or add some color to your rock garden—anywhere you want butterflies and pollinators to roam. Lavendula intermedia 'Tesseract' PP31786

If this sounds to you a little like Phenomenal Lavender, a favorite of our home gardeners, you'd be right. Sensational was created by the same great breeders who brought us Phenomenal. We love it as a companion plant, in fact. The green and silvery foliage provide a nice contrast. Sensational is a bit shorter and Phenomenal is a bit taller, so growing short in front of tall gives you cohesive lavender beauty, yet enough color, height and form difference to make the display dynamic. Plus, with the same water and sunlight preferences, they make easy friends.

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