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Variegated Pothos

Bright Indirect Light & Low Water Needs
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Variegated Pothos Variegated Pothos Variegated Pothos

Variegated Pothos

Bright Indirect Light & Low Water Needs
  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Wonderful for hanging baskets
  • Grows quickly

Product Description

Green, leafy plants make the home feel lively, lush and welcoming. And when you mix in some variegation, that pop of color and texture emboldens the whole display. Variegated Pothos is the dream for easy, low-maintenance and elegant living décor. These vines grow fast and react well to pruning. Tumbling over the edge of a shelf, a side table, cascading from a hanging basket… let your Variegated Pothos drape anywhere around the home for a graceful display. It deals with low light nicely, and past regular watering, hardly ever needs maintenance. It's a great gift for someone's first apartment as it's tough as nails, tolerant of low light and lasts a very long time. We have friends who've kept their Pothos alive and beautiful for decades, and through multiple moves to new homes. Epipremnum aureum

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