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Yellow Turmeric

A reliable, superfood-producing plant
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Yellow Turmeric

A reliable, superfood-producing plant

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1 per pack

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  • Grows well in containers
  • Every part of the plant is edible
  • Hardy and reliable garden plant
  • Zone 7-11
  • Flowering Date Mid to late summer
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade
  • Ship As 4" POT

We ship this item in Spring.

Cannot ship to: AE AK GU HI PR

Product Description

Tumeric, a golden-colored rhizome often ground for use in cooking, is an essential in Indian, Indonesian, and Nepali cuisines. It's been used throughout history in medicines and for its unique, saffron-like flavor, and is a health-food favorite for its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. And now, you can grow it at home. Tumeric can be grown, in-ground, in warm Southern zones, and works well as a container plant in Northern gardens. Plant these edible roots in a deep planter or grow bag, and harvest the vivid flavor of fresh-grown yellow tumeric in about a year. Curcurma longa

Product Details

  • Botanical Name:

    Curcuma longa
  • Form: Edible
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 7-11
  • Flowering Date: Mid to late summer
  • Shipped: 4" POT
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Shipping Season: Spring
  • Flower Color: White
  • Soil Requirement: Moist, well-drained
  • Watering Requirement: Average
  • Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR


When will my order ship?

Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country during the shipping timeframes outlined below:

2022 Spring Shipping Schedule
Zone Most Dormant Bareroot & Potted Perennials, and Shrubs
1A-3B 5/2/22 - 6/24/22
4A-4B 5/2/22 - 6/24/22
5A 4/11/22 - 6/24/22
5B 3/28/22 - 6/24/22
6A 3/14/22 - 6/24/22
6B 2/28/22 - 6/24/22
7A 2/24/22 - 6/24/22
7B 2/21/22 - 6/24/22
8A 2/17/22 - 6/10/22
8B 2/14/22 - 6/10/22
9A-10B 2/7/22 - 6/10/22
Last Order Date Zones 1A - 7B: 6/20/22
Zones 8A - 10B: 6/6/22

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